Zero waste

Realized by Frédérique Mergey - under developement

It is not necessary to recall that the world is in “overrevolution”. Not a day goes by without warning of the need for immediate action.
Some followed suit several years ago, pioneers who are reinventing the world and addressing environmental challenges. This is the case of Aline Gubri, who for the past 5 years, in her daily life, has made her environmental transition.
Author of the best-seller “Zero plastic, Zero toxic” (published by Thierry Souccar), Aline supports the reader in reducing waste and its use of plastic, with the objective of reducing its environmental impact and protecting its own health.
Today, Aline is at a turning point in her life as a young woman – despite everything, and driven by unfailing optimism – Aline wants to have children.
As the main theme of this documentary, a letter that Aline wrote to her future child. A committed letter, convinced that all together we can reverse the trend; and an opportunity for her to express her doubts and questions.