Directed by: Amine Mestari Written by: Amine Mestari and Thomas Boujut From The Things of Life to César and Rosalie, from Vincent François Paul and the Others to Nelly and Mr. Arnaud, Claude Sautet's cinema is part of our lives. A complex character [...]

2023 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS New content strategies: slow content, blogging, micro-influencer -> Targeted online communication, refined to reach your prospects   Ultra specialisation of communication on your preferred social network (stop spreading yourself too thin, you can't afford it anymore) Each network has its [...]

Summary To finance colonization in Indochina, the French State relied for 50 years on a powerful lever: the Opium Public Company ("La Régie de l'Opium"). This film traces back the scandalous history of its monopoly on the manufacture and sale of [...]

1942, Algeria, a French territory, is governed with fascist laws. Facing this, José Aboulker and Colette Pilafort will change the course of history. For one day, within a clever plan, they will block the collaborationist army, and allow the landing [...]

Summary The film tells the history of these often overlooked and misunderstood women of the sea. We will re-enact with actors in natural settings the personal stories of four of the most notable women pirates of the Caribbean: Marie-Anne Dieu-Le-Veut, Mary [...]

Title: Alix (series in development) Authors: Frédéric Malègue and Thibault Desjardins Summary: A young activist lawyer, Alix, viscerally revolted against injustice, works on all the heavy cases related to environmental issues in Savoie (French Alps). She must cooperate with her [...]

Title: GANGS OF PARIS (series in development) Summary: To proclaim himself in the "Court of the Miracles" (the name of the Old Regime criminal class), the leader of a Parisian gang of crooks is forced to challenge himself : to [...]