Summary To finance colonization in Indochina, the French State relied for 50 years on a powerful lever: the Opium Public Company ("La Régie de l'Opium"). This film traces back the scandalous history of its monopoly on the manufacture and sale of [...]

Title: Operation TORCH (series in development) Summary: 1942, Algeria, a French territory, is governed with fascist laws. Facing this, José Aboulker and Colette Pilafort will change the course of history. For one day, within a clever plan, they will block [...]

Summary We will follow the exceptional destiny of four buccaneering women. Our documentary relates the buccaneers story. Those were the first social alternative to European monarchical regimes, on the frontiers of the Western world. A micro-society that live men and women [...]

Title: Alix (series, in development) Authors: Frédéric Malègue and Thibault Desjardins Summary: A young activist lawyer, Alix, viscerally revolted against injustice, works on all the heavy cases related to environmental issues in Savoie (French Alps). She must cooperate with her [...]

Title: GANGS OF PARIS (series in development) Summary: To proclaim himself in the "Court of the Miracles" (the name of the Old Regime criminal class), the leader of a Parisian gang of crooks is forced to challenge himself : to [...]

Summary: While Silke is dreaming of rising on hands and recovering the circus artist she used to be, Didier, her husband and her coach, already sees her qualified for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Balanced between guilt and forgiveness, how [...]