1942, Algeria, a French territory, is governed with fascist laws. Facing this, José Aboulker and Colette Pilafort will change the course of history. For one day, within a clever plan, they will block the collaborationist army, and allow the landing [...]

Title: Alix (series in development) Authors: Frédéric Malègue and Thibault Desjardins Summary: A young activist lawyer, Alix, viscerally revolted against injustice, works on all the heavy cases related to environmental issues in Savoie (French Alps). She must cooperate with her [...]

Title: GANGS OF PARIS (series in development) Summary: To proclaim himself in the "Court of the Miracles" (the name of the Old Regime criminal class), the leader of a Parisian gang of crooks is forced to challenge himself : to [...]

A red car is driving through the countryside. On board, Michel, 40 years old. He decided to take his destiny in hand since he saw on TV René Gomez, a teacher, a hero of a documentary that was shown at [...]

Dalila has to find money to help her mother pay the cost of repatriating the body of her father, who died in Algeria. On this occasion, she realizes that she is the helpless witness and victim of a system, from [...]

The Americans shot a zombie film in Paris, at the Père-Lachaise cemetery, with Ashton Kutcher and Keira Knightley. In a tomb, two French extras dressed as undead, wait for the magic word "action" to come out of their hole and [...]

One Sunday evening, in a big city, an idle quartet, a girl and three boys, mime film titles. They have an age when you still play to get through the nights. An age when we stay together so we don't [...]

Leaving the screening of the film Des Hommes et des Dieux, Martin, distressed, told Juliette, his girlfriend, that the film had touched him to the point of considering becoming a monk. Juliette is not very excited about this prospect [...]

Yasmine, an eighteen-year-old girl, visits her boyfriend whom she has not seen for two weeks but not everything is going as usual. The Tunisian revolution of January 14, 2011 made him understand the importance of political commitment. An argument broke [...]