Happy birthday my Doll

Realized by Carine Hazan

  • Festival Internacional de Cortometrages de Barcelona -MECAL, Spain (March 2009)
  • Make short films of Brie Compte Robert, France (April 2009)
  • CAS D’RAGE Festival, France (April 2009)
  • France/Québec short film meeting in Trouville, France (August/September 2009)
  • Festival Images In le 18e, France (July 2009)
  • International Festival of New Generation Cinema in Lyon, France (September 2009)
  • Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt (September 2009)
  • Festival Ecran Libre, Jeune Cinéma et Vidéo d’Aigues-Morte, France (November 2009)


Sitting alone at a table set up for two, a woman is about to blow out a candle on a birthday cake. Serge, his companion, arrives then. She welcomes him freshly, blames him for his delay, his lies, and threatens to leave.