Directed by Françoise Ellong

Directed by Rémy Marion
Broadcasted during the Universum Spezial TV Show on ORF
Rémy Marion takes us on a trip to discover the different bear species all across the globe.
Copyright: Pôle d’images/Goyaves 2023

Directed by: Thomas Boujut et/and Belkacem Bahlouli
Written by Thomas Boujut et/and Belkacem Bahlouli

Directed by: Amine Mestari
Written by: Amine Mestari and Thomas Boujut
From The Things of Life to César and Rosalie, from Vincent François Paul and the Others to
Nelly and Mr. Arnaud, Claude Sautet’s cinema is part of our lives. A complex character with
assumed paradoxes, his films were like him. Claude Sautet filmed the flaws of his
contemporaries as self-portraits that allowed him to “keep calm in the face of dissonance”.
Copyright: Goyaves/Arte France 2020


New content strategies: slow content, blogging, micro-influencer

-> Targeted online communication, refined to reach your prospects


Ultra specialisation of communication on your preferred social network (stop spreading yourself too thin, you can’t afford it anymore)

Each network has its own codes. So you have to become a specialist in a single network to master its codes and rules in order to emerge on that social network.

(Instagram and the reals; Tik tok: very short and engaging video; Linkedin: well-copied post, beautiful writing)

Emailing again and again, a safe haven in the face of changing social network algorithms

Invest in the creation of an email database and develop it. Build audience loyalty via newsletters and not depend on a social network whose rules are constantly changing.

Micro-influencer marketing

No more mass strategy. Instead of using advertising or stars: use the influence of micro-influencers; we all are!

Micro content, learning to get to the point for an audience looking for easy to consume content

The audience is increasingly in a hurry. We’re moving towards ultra-short content: the rise of Tik tok with videos that last a few seconds, and subtitles to make the video even easier to read. Getting to the point for an audience looking for easy to consume content.

Slow content

Unlike snackable content, producing more and more content as quickly as possible, slow content focuses on personalised content with added value

Audio and podcast

Audio content or podcasts have gained importance in the digital communication of companies. Initiated by ClubHouse in 2021, social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have developed audio content to increase awareness and interact with their listeners.


Storytelling is the art of telling a story that will touch the reader. Stop the commercial blah blah blah. Internet users, who are increasingly consulting testimonials, reviews, About pages, etc., want something authentic, something real.


Keep a blog up to date, preferably by qualified writers who can contribute by optimising keywords and developing the semantic field of target queries.

By combining artificial intelligence with virtual money, digital marketing is adapting to the evolution of technology, as well as to that of the behavior and needs of the Internet user


Immediacy and chatbots

The chatbot, a live chat system on a brand’s network or site, set up to respond instantly. Need for speed in the consumer journey.

Online events: hybrid strategy

Online events allow individuals to participate in meetings, virtual fairs, conferences… The aim is to interact with the audience while building loyalty through regular meetings at fixed times. The Internet user has the choice to register or join the live event whenever he wants, without leaving his home.

Regular & ephemeral posts on social networks

Augmented virtual reality for experiential marketing

Virtual images or 360° videos: immerse the Internet user in the heart of the company’s brand image by captivating them with hybrid and powerful media. Visit flats in 3D, browse furniture manufacturers’ online catalogues as if you were there!

Voice search

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular with the appearance of Siri, Alexa or Ok Google. They usually answer short questions. Some companies are setting up their own voice search system to answer their customers’ questions immediately.

Online marketing is part of a digital revolution with common values

Optimising your natural referencing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses all the methods and techniques that aim to position the web pages of your website in the first natural results of search engines (especially Google, but also Bing, Yahoo and others).

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world (e.g. more than 93% use it first in France). Working on your natural referencing means giving yourself every chance to make your web pages visible to Internet users.


Backlinks: hyperlink pointing to another site or web page. This technique allows a website to gain notoriety and positioning in Google’s algorithms. The exchange of backlinks is done regularly in the digital environment. Be careful, however, to choose them carefully, as Google knows what is relevant and what is not.

The quality of the backlink and the number of backlinks to a site or page provide an indication of the reputation of that site or page.

CSR strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in vogue as a way of developing business by reaching a wide target audience that is compatible with its own environmental and human values.

The under-30s, for example, are the most sensitive to movements that denounce social inequalities and fight for minorities, such as “Me too.” or the “Woke” culture.


To finance colonization in Indochina, the French State relied for 50 years on a powerful lever: the Opium Public Company (“La Régie de l’Opium”). This film traces back the scandalous history of its monopoly on the manufacture and sale of this “black gold”, which product was prohibited in France at this time. This is the description of a great scandal in which the French secret services were highly implicated, to finance their special funds during the Indochina war.

In May 1932, Albert Londres let known a secret, while travelling on the steamer back from China, just before dying in the accidental fire of the boat : his discovers of that huge drug traffic was dynamite! What scandal was he up to reveal ? This traffic already knows was spread on all continents, but there was a spot where it was in the hands of a single organization : French Indochina and its” Régie de l’opium”. From the end of the 19th century, to the mid-20th, the opium was the main revenue of this colony. The “Régie de l’Opium”, allied with the customs, imposed its monopoly on the entire chain, from raw purchases to supply, through the manufacture “La Bouillerie de Saigon” that supplied a network of 4,000 shops. The monopoly of this “made in France” opium has developed the country (Indochina) at great expense by playing on different and incredible grounds, that made the Régie producing fakes, or traffic with illegal or stolen products.

1942, Algeria, a French territory, is governed with fascist laws. Facing this, José Aboulker and Colette Pilafort will change the course of history. For one day, within a clever plan, they will block the collaborationist army, and allow the landing of the American allied forces. The “Torch” operation was supposed to be finished in two hours, but storms and bad weather will considerably delay the arrival of the liberators.

Co-development: Ciné@

Authors: Fréderic Malègue and Nicolas Levy-Beff


The film tells the history of these often overlooked and misunderstood women of the sea. We will re-enact with actors in natural settings the personal stories of four of the most notable women pirates of the Caribbean: Marie-Anne Dieu-Le-Veut, Mary Read, Anne Bonny and Louise Antonini. Following their journeys to piracy, we’ll contextualize their stories and provide history and background on the societies they came from. They sailed, commanded crews, and freed slaves. Each of them has her own unique story, full of adventures but also perils

Directed by Laurence Thiriat & Frédéric Malègue

Authors: Eric Menu and Laurence Thiriat

Co-production: NDR – ARTE

Title: Alix (series in development)

Authors: Frédéric Malègue and Thibault Desjardins


A young activist lawyer, Alix, viscerally revolted against injustice, works on all the heavy cases related to environmental issues in Savoie (French Alps). She must cooperate with her father, lieutenant-colonel of the gendarmerie in the county, and her lover Costa, with whom she has a stormy relationship. Throughout her militant fights, she will solve the mystery of her mother’s death, concomitant with an accident that left Alix amnesiac.

Title: GANGS OF PARIS (series in development)


To proclaim himself in the “Court of the Miracles” (the name of the Old Regime criminal class), the leader of a Parisian gang of crooks is forced to challenge himself : to steal the Treasury of the Crown of France. A loot of 9000 precious stones including the largest and purest diamonds in the world. The dark sides of this Millennium Hold-Up lead to the ending of monarchy in France.

In a thriller made of passions, conspiracies and betrayals, our series will reveal all details of that case.


Co-production Mediawan (3rd eye Story) and Marvelous Productions

Authors: Fréderic Malègue, Eric Menu, Amine Mestari